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L'ennéagramme: le test de personnalité le plus cool

The Enneagram: The Coolest Personality Test

Confession: I've always loved personality tests. Yes, yes, you read that right: personality test. But not the tests of the genre, which member of One Direction is your soul mate ? When I heard about this one on Instagram I immediately did some research to find it. And now I'm freaking out!

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Living your dream life, how some achieve it

We are more and more solicited, in a hurry, multi-tasking…and so hyper-performing that sometimes the idea of ​​slowing down can seem like a failure.

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The real luxury is time!

Whether we run after him or he catches up with us, time is running out.
Think about it, we are told that “time is money”. Truly? Because it seems impossible to me to deposit hours in the bank…

Carl Honoré, author of the book “Praise of slowness” tells us, on the contrary, that a good use of slowness could make our existence richer.

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4 tips for living well in a busy life

Do you know people who got lost? People who over time, the job, the mortgage, the routine, the children, … embarked on a life that didn't suit them or that they didn't like? It happened to me myself and around me, I see a lot of people who despite their good will, their good intentions, are exhausted and no longer pay attention to what they really believe in, what used to make them vibrate, because their priority has become to survive.

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How to Stop Running and Live Well

What are we running after? Time? Money? Accreditation? All of these answers maybe.

But, I think the right question to ask is why? What's the point of running, working and then buying things that save time, then running to pay for them, then buying others because you have less and less time, if the ultimate goal of life is to enjoy it, have fun and live well?

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The secrets of a decor in simplicity and elegance

We believe that the house is a sanctuary, a place that represents us and that by its unique character reassures and comforts us. So when it comes time to choose what will give it its original look, we should carefully choose each of the objects we want to live with that will say: this is who we are, this is how we live.

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Try explaining “sustainable living” to your grandma

Try to explain what is "a sustainable way of life" to your grandma and you will no doubt find yourself explaining to her what "life" was like in her day.

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You have to tell them how nice it is to slow down

Have you heard the song "Monday" by Alexandre Poulin ? The first time it reached my ears, I had a lump in my throat. Then, same reaction during the second and third listening... That was it. He had put his finger on it. It's as if he was telling my story, that of Sur mon x and probably the one we all dream of.

This song made me crazy. And if it inspired you in turn?

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Astuces pour ralentir, réduire le stress et l’anxiété.

Tips for slowing down, reducing stress and anxiety.

Everyone experiences stress and of course we cannot completely eliminate it from our lives. It is an integral part of human life and although extremely unpleasant, it was necessary for our survival.

All in all, if we are able to clearly identify where the main sources of stress in our lives are coming from, then we may be able to minimize them and thus live a slightly smoother and more enjoyable life.

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My new success index

How do you recognize a successful person? Most will answer instinctively: to his bank account.

However, a vicious circle comes with this general representation of success. Because to access this recognition, some will be tempted to demonstrate that success sticks to their skin. How? Very often, by exhibiting an ostentatious abundance. In other words, by materializing their wealth.

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Resolutions and Accomplishments

At the end of the year, it's time to take stock, because it's the end of a cycle and those who practice this simple activity, come out a winner in my opinion. I suggest you all do this very small activity because first of all, it is with a step back and an outside look at our life that we can analyze it and finally, improve it. Two, it's a slow moment that you can treat yourself to just for yourself, to write, think, contemplate, reinvent... accompanied by a tea or coffee, in a dressing gown, it's even better!

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Gift wrapping, 3 simple alternatives

At home, long before Pinterest, I was always the packaging queen. My whole family asked me to wrap their presents. So, I knew everyone's gifts, but above all I had fun creating little treasures.

Today, I still like to embellish my gifts, but since commercial wrapping paper is mostly non-recyclable and burning it releases toxins into the environment, I changed my way of doing things a bit. If like me, you want to diversify, here are 3 packaging options which, in addition to being natural and recyclable, are of unparalleled beauty and simplicity.

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