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Our selection of kitchen accessories at Sur mon x is full of items that we love, combining pragmatic functionality and refined aesthetics . Whether you are looking for quality kitchen linens, kitchen utensils, pots or bowls to enrich your counter, or works of art that bring life and elegance to the space, we have everything you need. to create magazine-worthy thumbnails.

When it comes to kitchen artwork, still life paintings and landscape artwork are some of our favorites. Arranged on the worktop, placed on an easel or carefully arranged on a shelf alongside the crockery, they give a feeling of experience. We have also designed and selected ceramic pots and vases and wooden pots, elevating the organization of utensils into a step of beauty. Finally, no kitchen would be complete without soaps and cleaning tools. From horsehair dish brushes and wooden pot brushes to wire brushes and fine hand soaps, every kitchen need has its utilitarian counterpart.

When looking for the finishing touches for the kitchen, consider enriching the space with accessories such as champagne coupes, fruit platters or bowls, vintage breadboards, as well as sophisticated essentials such as salt and pepper shakers. brass alexander mills, or butter dishes. These refined details, ranging from tableware to works of art, allow you to breathe personality, life and elegance into the kitchen and create a unique and completely "curated" space.

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