FRAME - vintage flowers

"Home is a feeling" 

Because they tell a story and they convey a feeling; images are one of the key elements when trying to give your home a unique look that will get noticed. 

While also allowing you to express your unique personality, your tastes and your dreams. 

Designers understand this and use it to create spaces that automatically transport you. 


Why is art full of naked people? "Because, in the first place, it is full of allegories. This is the observation that we can make by looking closely at the collections of our Western museums. The naked people you see are not people. They represent ideas, concepts… This ideal is mostly associated with men, their nudity being a symbol of strength and virility, as is the case of athletes in full gymnastics (who then exercise naked)"


But the Church will quickly put a lid on this sensuality for quite a while. Skin tone, muscles, skin folds...

The nude is also a pretext to show off your artistic talent.

A final reason that explains the importance of the nude in art is its subversive powers. A “recipe” widely used during the 19th and 20th centuries. Submitting a nude is guaranteed scandal and publicity at a time when an art market is emerging, driven by new collectors from the bourgeoisie of the Industrial Revolution.

Because, from Renoir to Modigliani [ill. in one], the nude, which has become a genre in its own right, sells well! “Censorship as modus operandi! -

Size: 8" x 10"

Materials: wooden frame and high quality anti-reflective glass 
Print: Print of a vintage artwork on new, very high quality fine art watercolor paper. 
Sold individually * 

2 choices of frames:
- Black and gold
- Brown

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