"Home is a feeling" 

Because they tell a story and they convey a feeling; images are one of the key elements when trying to give your home a unique look that will get noticed. 

While also allowing you to express your unique personality, your tastes and your dreams. 

Designers understand this and use it to create spaces that automatically transport you. 

History and symbolism: 

Paintings and artworks in brown, beige and earth tones reinforce the earth element. Earth elements are associated with stability, grounding, nurturing and receptivity. The earth element is feminine and receptive. Much like planet earth, the energy of the earth element is stabilizing and centered. In addition, paintings auspicious for prosperity often depict flowers and natural features, as they represent growth, the life force of chi that grows and therefore multiplies.

Does this speak to you?

Size: 8" x 10"
Materials: wooden frame and high quality anti-reflective glass 
Print: Print of a vintage artwork on new, very high quality fine art watercolor paper. 
Sold individually * 

2 Framing Choices:
- Black and gold
- Brown

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