Vintage brass tray/bowl

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All designers will tell you: It's the details that make the design. I

n decoration, trays or cabarets are a must. Their power is such that by their mere presence, they make it possible to transform a collection of small objects into an incredible vignette straight out of a magazine.

In addition to being sublime, this brass tray with its timeless look is an investment. Whether as a serving tray, to gather your most beautiful objects on the counter or to transport objects, its classic look will last over the years regardless of its location and that's a big yes!

-100% Brass - Natural and timeless material
- Dimension: 12" x 1.5"

Charter for assessing the conditions of antiques & second-hand objects Sur Mon x: GOOD

*Overall in good condition, slight patina, which gives it its much sought-after vintage appearance.

AVAILABLE: only 1, single piece

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