Candle - Douglas fir 55h

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The appeasement of a forest bath at home

A ritual to make the transition to a softer moment.

The Pine Douglas Candle will infuse your room with the scents of the snowy forests of the north: a mixture of pine needles, sweet undergrowth and the scent of new green buds.

I remember the snowy forests of my childhood and their magical scents, those scents of pine needles, undergrowth, green buds... Those winters when the evening came, it was a big party: my mother lit candles, luminous, magical, which burned for a long time in the sweetness of the night. And I closed my eyes, inhaling the smell of the resinous wood of the pines and of my beloved forest.

- 55 hours of battery life
- Wooden lid
- 100% Pure Essential Oils
- Organic soy wax

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