Candle - Vanilla & white tea 50h

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A much loved ritual, to make the transition to a softer moment.

Composed of a generous blend of 100% natural soy wax, this candle is exquisitely flavored with Bourbon vanilla enhanced with a touch of lightly lemony white tea.

As soon as the wick is lit, it spreads gourmet aromas that evoke childhood memories, creating a comforting and warm atmosphere.

Soy wax offers an environmentally friendly alternative and encourages the agricultural economy.

- 50 hours of battery life
- Wooden lid
- 100% Pure Essential Oils
- Organic soy wax

    A quality product as we like.

    We choose products that we love: products that sprinkle life with small joys and that are made to last. Understated luxury in a busy life.

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