Large Lumbar Pillow - Amber

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Amber Lumbar Pillow

On the theme of a neutral palette as we love them,
our Amber lumbar pillow features delicate flowers with
tassels at each corner to add a little something extra
even more refined.

Complete with premium feather padding and comfort you'll want to sink your head into and have the sweetest dreams.

And since it's the details that are the secret of design, it's what will automatically elevate an ordinary room into Pinterest-worthy decor.

*The lumbar cushions are very long, they make 2 cushions on their own.
They are therefore perfect for placing alone to complete your bed dressing.

Dimensions: 15"H x 32"W x 32"W
Materials: Cotton
Interior stuffing included
Handcrafted in India
Care Instructions: Hand wash.

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