Vintage turkish cushion

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Every piece deserves at least one vintage piece - something worn over time, giving it a bit of character and soul.
And because it's the details that make the design, we believe that even the smallest touches dramatically increase the impact of the quality of our environment.

These covers are of a timeless classic, but also of an impressive quality having nothing to do with what we unfortunately no longer find on the market.

In keeping with our values ​​of sustainability, these cushions are made in Turkey from hand-woven vintage kilims which have unfortunately had too much of a life to withstand time, but whose life has been perpetuated by recovering the intact pieces in order to preserve all the beauty that was there in order to perpetuate a tradition of know-how passed from generation to generation to your home.

It is even said that if you listen carefully, you can hear love songs in the background as well as the quiet conversations that Turkish women huddled together had about their big and small hopes, future plans, dreams. and maybe even smell the scent of mint tea.

  • Material: cotton and wool
  • Very high quality
  • 18" x 18" with zipper
  • Down insert not included
  • Handmade in Turkey

Charter for evaluating the conditions of vintage & second-hand objects On my x: Good.

Slight variations in weave and dye, imperfections and other signs of age are an inherent part of vintage textiles giving it its much sought after vintage look. * No visible trace of breakage. Overall in good condition


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