Charles Courtry engraving - hand signed

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Art cannot be modern, art is eternal.
-Egon Schiele

Magnificent hand-signed lithograph, provided with a frame and a glass

Size: 10.5" x 14"

Work of Charles Jean Louis Courtry (1846-1897) hand signed.
Some of these works are exhibited at the Met as well as in several major museums around the world.

Charles Courtry (Paris, 1846 - 1897) French artist of the 19th century,
Charles Courtry studied engraving techniques in Paris with Flameng
and Gaucherel. His first large etching, The Slave Market
(after Gérôme) was exhibited in Paris in 1868.
From this date, he exhibited frequently and received medals
at the Paris Salon in 1874, 1875, 1887 and 1889. In 1881, Charles Courtry
is decorated with the Legion of Honor.

Charter for assessing the conditions of antiques & second-hand objects On my x: GOOD
 * Overall in good condition, slightly damaged frame which gives it its much sought-after vintage appearance.

AVAILABLE: only 1, single piece

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