Rough clear quartz in tip

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Quartz is a stone of well-being

Linked to light, it highlights everything by amplifying the energy level of everything that comes into contact with it. It amplifies all manifestations and intentions in addition to increasing the charge of other crystals surrounding it.

It sheds light on the dark areas of your life and helps you become aware of what makes you restless (relationships, work, food, habits, lifestyle...)

By its simple radiance, it helps to gently diffuse light and illuminate the dark areas of your life. Thus he encourages you to develop greater benevolence.

The transparency it brings allows you to develop a deep tolerance and let go of your thirst for the absolute. He invites you not to be too intransigent and to welcome the imperfect nature of things, of others and of yourself.

In your image, luminous, but imperfect, it allows you to assume your faults and your imperfections by allowing you to understand that your flaws are nevertheless your best levers for evolution. This is why Quartz is also the preferred stone to regulate and soothe your perfectionism. It will help you stop putting pressure on yourself while preserving your purity.

It acts by simple radiation. It helps diffuse the light and energy of clarity without stiffness.

Thanks to its high frequency, it pulls you up.

Ideal for you to initiate to lithotherapy, sleep or meditate. Or simply to have a daily dose of light, within sight, because this stone of well-being will bring you serenity and tranquility. A must in the ascent to a more #slow lifestyle!

  • 100% natural clear natural quartz from Brazil
  • Each crystal is unique like you.
  • Approximately 1 1/2" long x 1/2" wide
  • Comes with a crystal user guide

* These statements are based on lithotherapy notes . This product is not intended to treat, diagnose, cure or prevent disease.

We choose products that we love: products that sprinkle life with small joys, that put well-being first and that are made to last. A must in a busy modern life.

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