Pure Turkish Cotton Towel



Here, we are no longer in the simple daily act of washing, we move on to a well-being ritual with a unique touch that combines the luxury of craftsmanship, ethics and beauty.

You will quickly be converted to Turkish cotton, when you will notice how quickly they absorb, in addition to being a more durable fiber that becomes softer with each wash!

This one from a Canadian company committed to the community and showcasing artisan entrepreneurs around the world will instantly elevate your bathroom, but is also THE perfect towel for your beach getaways, as it's compact, lightweight, repels sand and grass due to its weave and dries very quickly. A must.

psst: And it really is one of our favorite gifts to share for
any celebration that has a 100% success rate.


Material : Made with 100% Turkish cotton.
Equipped with a canvas loop for drying.
Dimensions : 34'' x 64''
Care: Machine wash cold and air dry.

We only choose products that we ourselves love, products that sprinkle life with small joys and are made to last; understated luxury in a busy modern life.

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