Statue -Dycobolus of Myron

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LARGE STATUE - Dycobolus "the discus thrower" by Myron


What a pretty vintage object that will give personality and reflect your values ​​in the house. A unique piece ideal for decorating a bookcase, shelf or even a shelf.

An artifact.

Statue reproducing: The Discobolus, the "discus thrower" of Myron.

Myron (circa 480-440 BC) was from Eleutherae in Attica. He is reputed to have produced some thirty masterpieces, particularly athletes in motion. Myron is one of the great sculptors of ancient Greece.

Dimensions: H 14" x W 9"

Charter for evaluating the conditions of vintage & second-hand objects On my x: GOOD * * No visible trace of breakage. Slightly worn which gives it its much sought-after vintage look.

AVAILABLE: only 1, single piece

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