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International Delivery - FREE SHIPPING IN CANADA on all purchases of $250 and more
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The secret to a successful decor is the life you breathe into it.

Have you noticed that in every interior design magazine, there is either a bowl of fruit, vegetables, or .... flowers and branches? 

Dried flowers are more popular than ever, especially in English cottage-style decors. It's a great way to incorporate organic elements into your decor and create a timeless bouquet.

A great way to create a decor that will stand the test of time.

Pays de fabrication : États-Unis
Poids : 0,5 lb
Dimension: 80cm
Entretien : * Gardez à l'esprit qu'il s'agit de véritables fleurs séchées, assurez-vous qu'elles sont manipulées avec soin.

We only select home decor pieces that we would put in our own homes; items that are well made, chic, durable and meet high-end standards to help you achieve and express your unique personality.


Designer tip - flower edition

Developing a style worthy of a magazine front page

Have you ever noticed that the covers of the most sophisticated magazines often feature splendid bouquets of flowers? This aesthetic choice is not coincidental.

Integrating flowers into your interior decor brings a homely yet luxurious, simple yet sophisticated feeling. However, this elegant touch is often considered a luxury due to its cost, maintenance, and ephemeral nature.

Here's the strategy: any stylist worth their salt has at least three different sizes of beautifully selected vases at home to make the most of summer flowers and bring them indoors.

Their trick: choose neutral colors and classic styles to maximize their utility, easily interchange them, and strategically place them in key areas like the dining table, entryway, or living room to create focal points and enhance the welcoming and sophisticated character of these spaces.


It's easy to buy items, but creating a unique, refined and cohesive style requires a certain expertise that can be paralyzing; so we've put together all our valuable knowledge to help you make your big vision a reality easily.

Customer Reviews

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Marie-Eve Coutu
Drôle d'odeur

Mon bouquet de Limonium sent l'urine animal . Pas certaine que je vais pouvoir le garder dans un vase à l'intérieur .

Effectivement certain type de fleur sentent un peu moins bonne que d'autre (principalement celles pollinisées par des insectes et non le vent)

Mais tout cela pour dire, que la majorité de nos clients nous ont dit qu'un coup sorti de l'emballage et aérée l'odeur se dissipaient après quelque jour.
N'hésites pas à nous contacter si ce n'est pas le cas.
Nous sommes très soucieux de la qualité de nos produits et utilisons vos feedback pour nous améliorer.