International Delivery - FREE SHIPPING IN CANADA on all purchases of $250 and more
International Delivery - FREE SHIPPING IN CANADA on all purchases of $250 and more
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The Origin Story of Sur mon x

The Art of Success:

Crafting Your Unique Masterpiece

Oprah Winfrey once said, "You can have it all. Just not all at once." This famous quote encapsulates the idea that achieving all your goals and desires is possible, but it often requires patience, prioritization, and balance over time.

This is the path we've chosen with our life and with our business.
We're known for our ability to blend grandeur and sophistication with inviting comfort.

Although many in our industry only prioritize trends and aesthetics over the deeper meaning and personal significance behind the objects and spaces they sell, we have chosen to focus on the opposite direction.

Instead of focusing solely on surface-level aesthetics, we prioritize crafting environments that reflect individuals' unique achievements, family dynamics, and personal relationships. This approach ensures that the spaces we create have soul and depth, resonating authentically with those who inhabit them.

With a brand-new website and blog sharing the most well-kept designer secrets, we've never been more thrilled to share our vision and discoveries with you. Our goal is to help you create authentic spaces that tell the story of your unique path.

As Oprah once suggested, we've dared to defy conventional wisdom.
Are we embracing a distinct way of living?
We like to believe so; it's certainly not the norm.

And consider this website, blog, and each curated object as your personal invitation to join us on this extraordinary fulfilling journey.

Valerie Pascale
-Founder and creative director of sur mon x

The 4 principles that guide our path

EXCELLENCE: Here, all members of our team come from high-end work environments or companies where customer satisfaction is paramount. We discreetly accompany you at every step for an exceptional experience.

100-YEAR GUARANTEE:: Here, we aspire to build for the long term. Our thinking is based on two essential questions when making our purchases: is it aesthetically timeless and of impeccable quality? Is it something that could be passed on to future generations?

KNOWLEDGE TRANSMISSION: Here, sharing prevails. Throughout this site, the styling secrets of our founder, who has perfected her art for over 20 years, are graciously offered to you so you can confidently create your dream home.

LOYALTY: We are deeply committed to fostering success for our clients and inspire you to achieve it on your terms. This loyalty extends to our workplace as well, where we nurture the same principle among our employees. Their dedication in turn enhances our ability to consistently deliver exceptional service and support. This creates a strong, supportive community that benefits all, which we proudly refer to as our circle of enduring success.

On these foundations we hope to flourish our creative heritage;

creating living spaces that not only reflect your current success, but also lay the foundation for future generations


We have everything you need to create an atmosphere that suits you.