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21 wellness rituals

Health, there is not a day when we do not hear about it... We are reminded to eat well, to move enough, to adopt healthy lifestyle habits. Both doctors and nurses are the heroes of our society. Finally, health is one of the main issues in this election campaign.

So yes, physical health is important. What about sanity now? Looks like we pay less attention to it. But taking care of yourself and your soul is just as important.

With your collaboration on Instagram, I have listed some well-being tips and rituals for fall. Without being solutions to great evils, these are small things that do good ;)

1. Go outside, the weather is mild. Even not very long, the benefits of nature are undeniable.

2. Keep a journal. It reminds us of this sweet pleasure of our 14 years;)

3. Meditate. The best letting go exercise ever!

4. Do some reading. Well snuggled up in a sofa, or in your bed!

5. Pamper yourself with personal care. Whether it's taking a bubble bath, putting on a face mask or getting a manicure

6. Unleash your creativity. We finally go inside to do knitting, sewing, painting, pottery, mandala.

7. Drink something hot! You know it, this satisfaction of selecting a nice cup and preparing your favorite beverage.

8. Do yoga. It was the 30 days of yoga with Adrienne challenge on Youtube that got me hooked.

9. Unplug the TV. Just because.

10. Nurture your relationships. Even if it's not obvious, give them a special place.

11. Schedule a date with yourself. How about a little romantic comedy?

12. Create a gratitude list and refer to it from time to time. It's magic how little things will become great happiness!

13. Take a nap. Ok not every day, but guilt free on the days you really need it!

14. Rediscover the pleasure of listening to music, being completely attentive to it.

15. Eat healthy. It's not always intuitive, but you feel so good after a balanced meal.

16. Take a break from social media. Remove the applications from your phone, even if it means reinstalling them a little later. A real cure!

17. Clean up. The activity as such is never very inviting, but its effect on morale is incredible, especially with the change of season.

18. Cooking THE recipe that has been tempting you so much for some time!

19. Treat yourself to something sweet. Personally, I have a small bag of dark chocolate with matcha and puffed rice that I keep for the days when I need comfort.

20. Wear your best outfit. Stay-at-home moms and self-employed people like me will understand what it's like to settle down after days of disheveled heads and leggings.

21. Go to bed early. Yes I know.

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