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Take care of yourself, when you're running after time

#metime #selfcare

The children are in bed. The sun will also set soon. This is my moment, when the bathroom grants me its exclusivity. There is an implicit contract between my boyfriend and me: I disappear a few evenings a week to take care of myself. Recently, I put my evening routine squarely on the schedule. Clearing a space for myself assures me that this moment will not be supplanted by one of the other 1001 daily tasks.

I'm known for pampering my home, but my body shell ( aka my #1 natural habitat) also deserves my attention. I used to see washing my face, shaving, detangling my hair, sanding my feet, brushing my teeth as an obligatory step. But today is a nice excuse for me to spend some cozy time.
I love this moment so much, that I try to make it more and more unique. My recent addition is the eucalyptus and lime candle from Atelier La Vie Apothicaire . It perfumes the atmosphere like in a spa! Because actually that's the idea; appreciate the moment for what it is; soft and serene.
Honestly, this little skincare routine that I allow myself a few nights a week gives me a breather to face everything else.

And when I renew my hygiene products and my accessories, I now opt for natural ingredients as well as timeless and sustainable materials. With these changes, without even realizing it, objects that I considered before as "utilitarian" have become decorative elements! Because they're made of bamboo, wood, linen, or organic cotton (and they're gorgeous), I found myself proudly displaying them and being happy to use them. We get along… there's no way I've given this treatment in the past to my old, garishly colored shampoo bottles, or even to my rather mundane old hairbrushes.
If you ever have any little extras to your cocooning routine, I would love to know them!
In the meantime, I share my favorite products with you: here 🌿❤️

Good week!

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