Our mission

Sur mon x is a movement aimed at inspiring people to live a slower, simpler and more conscientious way of life, both in terms of daily life and consumption habits.

It is first with an online store offering local, second-hand and eco-responsible products that we want to offer people an alternative to the "throw-away culture".

Having myself trained as an interior designer and several years of experience behind the tie as a stylist, I want to promote a new way of fitting out our interiors, favoring a longer-term relationship with the objects of the daily.

Then , through blogging and social media interventions, we want to get people to adopt a slower lifestyle. Through my journey as a beginner, my stories and my setbacks , we want to make people aware that small daily gestures and simple habits can initiate big changes and make a difference.

Because being on your x means making choices that allow us to fulfill ourselves and flourish, by being in harmony with ourselves as well as with humanity. And this , with the aim that the world of tomorrow can be one, just as great as ours.

Valerie Pascale Rondeau
Founder On my x

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