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International Delivery - FREE SHIPPING IN CANADA on all purchases of $250 and more
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The wrong subject in the wrong room can completely ruin everything.

And that's certainly not what we want. We want to be able to invest with confidence in a quality piece that accurately represents us. But to act like an interior designer, we must choose within a coherent aesthetic, thus creating a visually appealing setting that inspires and captivates, like those in magazines.

So here's a list of appropriate themes that will highlight the essence of each room. By mastering this concept, you'll only need to choose according to your personal tastes.

That said, we've done all the work for you by gathering appropriate themes for each room.

So, if you've reached this stage of accessorizing in your interior, all that's left is to let your creativity flow and choose what resonates with you


The living room is often considered the heart of the home, a gathering space where family and friends come together to relax, socialize and share precious moments.

Its symbolic essence lies in its function as a place of meeting and exchange, where relationships are strengthened and memories are created. It reflects the lifestyle and values ​​of those who live there, and it is often designed to offer comfort, conviviality and aesthetics.


- The classics: Any vintage painting, a landscape painting or an abstraction with delicate brushstrokes is perfect for a more cozy atmosphere conducive to discussions.

-Portraits and or animals: they are also an excellent choice to define our personality; thoughtful, flamboyant, professional, rebellious or a little haughty, the choice is yours. (same thing for animals which often have very important symbolism that we can appropriate.)

- Collection:
finally, you can also create a gallery wall for a more relaxed atmosphere but also a unique artistic expression, mixing styles and artistic media.

Designer tip
: Let yourself be inspired by the colors of your furniture or curtains to choose your wall art.

Don't go for exactly the same color, but work with shades. This is the secret to going from a matching decor (which reveals your insecurity in making choices) to an assumed decor like a true designer.


The bedroom is your private space where you can give free rein to your personal preferences. Opt for personalized artwork or calming scenes to create an ambiance of comfort.


- Soft Landscapes:
Peaceful scenes such as soft landscapes, floral or botanical artwork, serene beaches or tranquil forests can promote relaxation and create a calming atmosphere in the bedroom.

- Body sketches:
Body sketches can bring an artistic and aesthetic touch to the bedroom, creating an atmosphere of beauty and elegance. Body sketches can also evoke sensuality in a subtle and delicate way in addition to providing visual calming: The soft lines and organic shapes of body sketches can have a calming effect on the mind, making them a choice perfect for a room dedicated to rest and relaxation.

-Personalized art: Far from view, this is the place to put what is most personal in the house. Personalized artwork such as family photos, meaningful quotes or personalized artwork can add a personal touch and make the bedroom feel more intimate and welcoming.
Frame them in one of our stunning frames to elevate them to another level.

Vintage photographs of cityscapes or architectural details definitely bring visual interest, richness and depth to bedroom walls, creating a sense of escape or wanderlust.

Designer Tip: The headboard will determine the amount of wall space available for your art. You can also place it above a double desk or on a smaller wall.