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5 styling tips to refresh without renovating.

We spend a lot of time in our bathroom. This is where we go to unwind. Take a little time for ourselves and relax. I would even say that it is, after the kitchen, one of the most important rooms in the house.

But renovating it is far from an easy task. On top of creating a lot of dust and disrupting our daily lives, the cost can be huge. On average, people spend $35,000 to redo the entire room. Which can be enough to deter anyone from undertaking this type of renovation.

But beyond that, I also believe that in the times we live in, it is time for us to rethink our methods of doing things. Do we really need to systematically throw everything out to create something new? Or couldn't we find clever ways to reuse and embellish what we already have?

And since there is nothing better than taking long, hot baths, it's the perfect time to create a warm and welcoming bathroom. So, here are designer tips to refresh your bathroom and make you want to lounge there, without breaking the ban.

Elevate your decor with fabrics

Fabrics and textures are a great way to create interest in a home. And though they are often neglected, those in the bathroom are just as important. So, remember to choose luxurious and soft fabrics for your bath towels, curtains and rugs. Because if the materials used in the bathrooms can sometimes make the space a little cold, the fabrics will allow you to create the cozy little cocoon you are looking for. Another thing to keep in mind: the juxtaposition of materials. Because it’s the mix of textures that will make your room really interesting and lively. So, don't hesitate to combine different types of fabrics such as cotton, linen and even velvet for your window coverings. What we are looking for above all is to create an inviting and enveloping atmosphere.

Add frames to inject personality

Frames are a very simple way to personalize a decor and give it a lot of personality. And what's more, in the bathroom, the works provide something pleasant to admire for you or your guests. Even better: they are easy to change when you want to change things up a little. I suggest putting works that will not be damaged by humidity or steam. And also don't forget to think about sunlight and make sure you put the work where the sun's rays cannot damage the pigments, especially in small bathrooms.

Create boutique hotel-worthy vignettes

If you want your bathroom to have a luxurious feel, you absolutely must avoid transforming it into a medicine cabinet.

So, I invite you to put your toiletries in drawers and cupboards and to only put beautiful objects on your bathroom counter. Think luxury soaps and candles, stylish soap dispensers, pretty vases and bowls.

Little touches that will tell a story and add a lot of elegance and sophistication to the room.

The easiest way to do this is to create what we call a vignette in design. A decoration vignette is a small decorative setup created on a limited surface, such as a shelf, countertop corner, shelf, or windowsill.

They help create visual points of interest in a room, reflect the style and tastes of the occupant, and tell a specific story or ambiance.

To do this, group together with the help of a tray ideally, a few practical and aesthetic objects of different shapes, heights, and textures.

And above all, don't hesitate to add flowers. Their organic shape immediately changes the vibe of a room, especially when it is mainly composed of geometric or straight shapes, to give it a more lively and positive appearance.

The proof is that every magazine cover photo that catches your eye is always composed of a beautiful floral arrangement. You can check if you want

Replace outdated hardware

Another small detail that is sometimes overlooked is the choice of hardware. Whether it's hooks, towel racks or handles, hardware is a very ingenious way to breathe new life into a room. For example, you can add hardware with clean, modern lines to create a contemporary, minimalist look in your bathroom. Or, if you prefer a more timeless look like me, choose brass handles and hooks. A small detail that can really make all the difference.