Definitely the best candles you can buy, because they...

  • are environmentally friendly
  • purify the air
  • have a very slow combustion
  • burn cleanly (do not pollute indoor air)
  • contain no synthetic fragrance
  • illuminate with a soft light very close to the light of the sunset
  • are of superior quality
  • are handcrafted and manufactured using sustainable business practices and manufacturing techniques.

Made from 100% pure beeswax and a fine cotton wick, these candles emit a sweet honey aroma and a bright golden flame when burned. Light up an hour or two in the bedroom before going to bed, as the aroma of warm honey is known to produce better sleep and better dreams. Beeswax is said to be the only known fuel that cleans the air of dust, odors, mold, viruses and environmental toxins by emitting negative ions when burned. Beeswax is naturally and sustainably produced by bees and offers great value due to its slow combustion.

Length: 12"
Material: 100% beeswax and cotton
Made in Canada

We choose products that we love ourselves, products that sprinkle life with small joys and are made to last; understated luxury in a busy modern life.

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