Every piece deserves at least one vintage piece - something that has stood the test of time, giving it a bit of character and soul.

And since it's the details that are the secret of design, such a richly textured cushion will automatically elevate an ordinary room into Pinterest-worthy decor.

These covers are of a timeless classic, but also of an impressive quality having nothing to do with what we unfortunately no longer find on the market.

Material: front 100% Indian soft wool. 100% natural canvas back Thick texture, durable fabric
Size - 20 x 20"
Invisible/hidden zipper

In keeping with our sustainability values, these cushions are hand spun and hand dyed from the wool of local sheep by local Indian artisans.

    Pro tip:
    Use cushion fillings 1-2 inches larger than the dimensions for the best look.


    Charter for evaluating the conditions of vintage & second-hand objects On my x: Good.

    Slight variations in weave and dye, imperfections and other signs of age are an inherent part of vintage textiles giving them their much sought after vintage look.

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