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International Delivery - FREE SHIPPING IN CANADA on all purchases of $250 and more
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Luxury grey-blue pencil


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write to slow down

The man is not made to sit there all day pushing buttons. Slowly he begins to lose this precious feeling of providing value.

To write by hand is to find a connection on a daily basis, it is to create something with your hands and above all it is to take the time.

In this movement back to basics, handwriting is 100% part of the slow living movement.

Are you part of it?

  • Made by the luxury English stationery brand Katie Leamon
  • Lead Teal 4B Pencil Single KLDS42.1
  • Made in England

We only choose products that put well-being in the foreground, embellish everyday life and that are made to last; a must for the overwhelmed who are trying to find a little sweetness!

    simple, instant, effortless

    Designer tip

    One of the most effective and quick tips/principles to help people create a designer look is to focus on the power of contrast.

    Here's how to adopt contrast : Incorporate opposites into your decor; their overlap allows you to instantly make the elements you own shine and make your decor as spectacular as the superposition of the sun behind the moon during an eclipse.

    We mix : marble-wood, pale-dark, round-square, high-low, shiny-matte, contemporary-vintage, large-small, organic (plant-flower)- synthetic, soft-raw, transparent - opaque, empty- solid, metal-fabric, rigid-light, painting-drawing...

    This simple adjustment can immediately transform a space, without requiring a complete overhaul.

    Plus, by putting this principle into action, you will see your style completely transform, from day to night.