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International Delivery - FREE SHIPPING IN CANADA on all purchases of $250 and more
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FRENCH BISTRO TUMBLER - Duralex Picardie Clear Glass Tumbler / set of 6


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FRENCH BISTRO TUMBLER  - Duralex Picardie Clear Glass Tumbler / set of 6

An everyday object turned iconic.

Easily stackable, we love these versatile glasses that can be used for dessert, espresso, cappuccino, iced coffee, soft drink and water.

Surrounding yourself with objects that are both practical and aesthetically pleasing is guaranteed to elevate the everyday.

Duralex has achieved a level of excellence that is renowned worldwide, and the Picardie glass, with its timeless star simplicity, remains a symbol of sophistication.

Renowned for being unbreakable, these Duralex glasses, with their beautiful classic and timeless design, are a superb investment.

Origin: Made in France since 1945
Material: Clear tempered glass
Capacity: 360ml
Care: Dishwasher and microwave safe, resistant to thermal shock.

3 sizes available:
- 90ml
- 130ml
- 250ml

simple, instant, effortless

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