7 essentials for a gentle break

Spring break is starting and since many parents are staying home for the occasion, I wanted to talk to you about "slow parenting".

This philosophy mainly employs the same fundamentals as slow living. Indeed, she cherishes quality over quantity, favors the present moment and encourages the creation of meaningful connections.

Here are my 7 essentials for a sweet week with the kids:

  • Do not overload the schedule, leave room for free time and practice the art of doing nothing.
  • Get inspired on Pinterest and do creative activities.
  • Play board games as a family
  • Take a trip to the library and report for the week.
  • Play outside, there's still time to make sledding and snowmen!
  • Listen to a movie. Blankets, cushions, popcorn and pajamas required.
  • The kitchen is a gathering place, why not involve them?
AND above all, do what makes you happy, take the time and go at your own pace.

Good week!
Valerie Rondeau
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