The real luxury is time!

Whether we run after him or he catches up with us, time is running out.
Think about it, we are told that “time is money”. Truly? Because it seems impossible to me to deposit hours in the bank…

Carl Honoré, author of the book “Praise of slowness” tells us, on the contrary, that a good use of slowness could make our existence richer.

For now, the urgency and the lack of time suggest a successful personal, family and professional life. The phrases “I just finished a 60-hour week” or “my schedule is full for the next three months” are greeted with respect and glorification. Maybe we should rather see it as a warning of exhaustion and should ask ourselves what is behind it? Because, even there is a certain social recognition there, deep down no one dreams of working like crazy, of being overwhelmed and having their heads so full that they are no longer in the present moment at all, but in the hassle of things to do.

All this to tell you that the real luxury is time, being rich is no longer a designer handbag, a big house or even a boat. And it is high time that we recognize it!

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