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Calendar of the good times of advent




- Have fun -

One of the best tricks to make November a little less gray is to keep our child's heart and have fun. Making an advent calendar is one of the best ways to keep the magic of Christmas alive, so you might as well enjoy it as much as the kids.

Calendar of the good times of advent

For my part, I still have plenty of Halloween candy in the house and I want to try something else this year. Because I love traditions so much, I thought of making a little more #slow advent calendar. And also a question of being less in consumption and more in the present moment. I therefore share with you my ideas which are to be adapted, of course, according to the age of your children.


1. Listen to your favorite Christmas song

2. Plant Christmas bulbs and watch them grow (amarillys or narcissus)

3. A voucher for one more bedtime story (very "winner" for me)

4. A voucher for a game of Uno, a memory game, or any other short game that can be played before bedtime

5. A voucher to choose the dinner of the day or the next day

6. Prepare the letter from Santa Claus

7. Listen to your favorite Christmas song

8. Look at the list of freebies and select our favorites

9. Go see a parade or a small Christmas show, There are in almost every city.

10. Break out the Christmas pajamas

11. Have hot chocolate with marshmallows

12. Watch a Christmas movie with the family

13. Bake Christmas cookies

14. Write a card to a friend

15. Read a Christmas story

16. Take a family photo

17. Clean up toys and donate them to charity

18. Make a snowman

19. Go see the illuminated sets

20. A voucher for inviting a friend to sleep over

For the other days and because children remain children, I sprinkle the remaining bags with a few candy canes

My DIY Advent Calendar

I really like the spirit and the Scandinavian look of the holidays, so to do this I went in a fairly minimalist way by simply taking a branch, some jute twine and some fir trees. I hung the bags on it randomly. You can also, if you wish, write the dates on the bags or even put stamps, according to your tastes.

If you want to carry out this project, we have reusable bags in store here:

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