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Accomplish yourself without "surpassing yourself"

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- "Stop the glorification of busy" -

Have you noticed how valued “busy” lifestyles are?

We all have a colleague who arrives at the office before everyone else and who leaves the last. And above all, who makes it loud and clear.

But why do you want to show off when you've just finished a 60-hour week at work?

I have the impression that, without really realizing it, we like to think that the more we are in the juice, the more we have added value.

If I'm busy, my efforts must be useful for someone, somewhere. If I'm overwhelmed, it's because this "someone, somewhere" wants more!

This is a rewarding idea.

Add to that the fact that in our time, to be fulfilled, you have to “surpass yourself”. Doing our best is no longer enough. In fact, if someone whispers in your ear that you did your best , it's probably in response to what is considered a failure...

We must rather “push back our limits”, because “no pain, no gain”! Frankly, the whole lexicon of performance stuns me. At this rate, I'm much more likely to faint than thrive.

Because if the objective of a life is happiness, fulfillment is for many the condition.

So I want to tell you: let's not sacrifice everything in the name of work.

For me, my sense of fulfillment is in the little things. I try to take a step back, find my balance and gradually shape my place of satisfaction. .

I invite you to think about it! To each his own balance ;)


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