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4 tips for living well in a busy life

Do you know people who got lost? People who over time, the job, the mortgage, the routine, the children, … embarked on a life that didn't suit them or that they didn't like? It happened to me myself and around me, I see a lot of people who despite their good will, their good intentions, are exhausted and no longer pay attention to what they really believe in, what used to make them vibrate, because their priority has become to survive.

We are all somewhat in the same boat, but there is a way to live well in the race that is this modern life. Here are some tips that help me find some balance.

Giving value to simple pleasures
Everything in life is a question of balance and to counter the fast pace that is demanded of us, it is in its opposite that I have found that life takes on all its meaning. From the fresh vegetables from the market that I take the time to choose to concoct a delicious meal eaten with the family, to the latte coffee in the afternoon that I take the time to prepare myself, to the smell of the bouquet of fresh flowers on the counter, or the candle that I light every night in the dark.

Take time for yourself by putting it on the schedule
This is one of the hardest things I know! You are probably afraid that this will create additional tension, but surprisingly everything falls into place and finally you can recharge your batteries.

To be coherent
Sometimes we begin to think that our beliefs are outdated, inappropriate, or even incompatible with our way of life. So we put them aside. But when we realize that it's quite the opposite, that it's our way of life that doesn't go with our values, then finally life takes on a bit of its meaning and we slowly start to live better.

Create a comfortable place
For me, home is a sanctuary, a calming place where I can recharge my batteries. It may seem futile to build yourself a cozy nest, but when you have one, you understand that it is your foundation to be able to face everything else.

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