How to Stop Running and Live Well


What are we running after? Time? Money? Accreditation? All of these answers maybe.

But, I think the right question to ask is why?

What's the point of running, working and then buying things that save time, then running to pay for them, then buying others because you have less and less time, if the ultimate goal of life is to enjoy it, have fun and live well?

How about we do the math?
Add up all the things, foods, and services you pay for to go faster and subtract the time and effort it takes to pay for them

Of course, slowing down our pace of life and appreciating the simple things isn't all that good for modern capitalism, but knowing that maybe we can choose to let off the accelerator a little can be so soothing, even if it can seem scary. Gradually, small changes could be beneficial and our world will inevitably be more pleasant, not to mention the benefits for the environment.

So, I'll let you think about it...

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