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How to Survive the Pressure to Be Ethically Perfect

More and more, people tend towards more conscientious consumption. Not just because these choices impact the planet (which is obviously and extremely important), but because they also impact our health, well-being, and lifestyle. Some will change drastically and others step by step.

It's not easy to change our purchasing behavior, when the society in which we live encourages us to keep the economy going. Plus, if you're trying to make the perfect green purchase or trying to change everything all at once, you're putting a lot of pressure on yourself. This is also one of the reasons why among all the movements aimed at a conscientious lifestyle, it is slow living that speaks to me the most. Because it takes everyone's rhythms into consideration, it allows me to be indulgent towards myself.

To be ethically perfect is almost impossible to achieve (unless you live naked in a forest). Of course, we all have different standards, but in the end all actions count. Personally, I would quickly abandon the project and feel overwhelmed if I had to change drastically, I prefer an approach that consists of trying to make small changes that are manageable and when these are well anchored and the time is right, in incorporate others.

Really, whether we decide to eat less meat, take public transport more often, buy in bulk, always carry around our reusable bottle, banish plastic... all these gestures lead to another.

Once you adopt it, you get a taste for it and you want to do more. Just take the leap! The more we are aware of our impact, the more natural the sequel becomes.

You have to start slow for it to work ;)

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