Slow life / consommation

Me, superhero! How to use his powers?

The most important link is you

Do you sometimes feel that, no matter how many environmentally friendly actions you take, they will never be enough to offset the polluting emissions of industries? What in the chain companies-governments-citizens , it is the individuals who have the worst game?

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How to Survive the Pressure to Be Ethically Perfect

More and more, people tend towards more conscientious consumption. Not just because these choices impact the planet (which is obviously and extremely important), but because they also impact our health, well-being, and lifestyle. Some will change drastically and others step by step.

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One and only good reason to love the second hand

I like second hand items. Obviously, their timelessness appeals to me, but above all, they all have this little something extra that new objects will never have: a story.

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