Gift wrapping, 3 simple alternatives

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At home, long before Pinterest, I was always the packaging queen. My whole family asked me to wrap their presents. So, I knew everyone's gifts, but above all I had fun creating little treasures.

Today, I still like to embellish my gifts, but since commercial wrapping paper is mostly non-recyclable and burning it releases toxins into the environment, I changed my way of doing things a bit. If like me, you want to diversify, here are 3 packaging options which, in addition to being natural and recyclable, are of unparalleled beauty and simplicity.

1. Use recycled paper bags, brown or white kraft paper, scraps of fabric, newspaper, old maps or even a kitchen towel.

2. Forget ribbon and plastic bows and tie a pretty knot with jute rope or twine.

3. Use natural items as ornaments, or items you have on hand. Personally, I love sapinage and casseroles and photos or images that I cut out of old books.

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Valerie Rondeau
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