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Try explaining “sustainable living” to your grandma

Try explaining “sustainable living” to your grandma and you'll probably find yourself explaining to her what “life” was like back in her day.

For her, sobriety and minimalism were not a choice, it was a natural way of life.

Previous generations had very different purchasing criteria from those that support today's economy.

The proof, take old photos of your parents. You will probably notice right away that the decor and the clothes will have aged badly. In fact, I bet one word will catch on: old-fashioned. Conversely, have you ever looked at pictures of your grandparents when they were young? It seems to me that every time, it's their elegance that jumps out at you. Through their classic style, we see chic and good taste. This is because the budgetary reality of large families demanded it: we bought so that it would last. No wonder then that their choices have stood the test of time so well.

To achieve this, our grandmothers thought simplicity + quality. In the choice of fabrics, for example, synthetics were simply not an option, as anything made from plastic derivatives wears out faster. Natural materials such as wool, linen, silk and cotton were therefore preferred. For the furniture, we wanted them solid, most of the time in solid wood. As for the design, the lines were deliberately pure, for their versatility and timelessness.

I find it difficult to understand how we managed to deviate so drastically from these basic principles...
For me, it is clear that the purchasing philosophy of our grandmothers should influence our consumer behavior.

So let's go back to basics and choose sustainability. After all, it served them well

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