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What if luxury became everyday?

#selfcare #gratitude #quality

By definition, a luxury is what one allows oneself exceptionally, or too often, what one does not allow oneself at all.

To afford luxury, we often think that you have to take out your wallet and that it will be expensive. After all, the popular expression tells us that we “pay” for luxury. We think: expensive and sumptuous. We think: inaccessible.

But why don't we allow ourselves beautiful things more often? Looks like we were programmed to be reasonable. Take weekdays, for example. It is as if these days had to be banal, on the pretext that they are not days off. Because… what could possibly justify taking out porcelain on a Tuesday?

Well… at my house, we bring out our beautiful dishes for every meal. If you think about it, why reserve it only for special occasions or take it out only for the visit? Ultimately, luxury is about having fun.

Here are 4 simple ideas to integrate luxury into our lives:

light candles

Year-round, candles are small sources of happiness, thanks to the aromas and soft light they provide. They create an enveloping atmosphere, which can be reproduced every evening, as soon as the sun disappears. Again, no need to wait for the visit. We turn them on just for us!

Add fresh flowers to its decor

Simply by picking what is within reach, we can rotate different bouquets each summer week, in the center of the table. Don't have a lush garden in your backyard? It's not a problem! Well arranged, a pretty foliage (even picked at random) will always have its effect in a pretty pot.

Breakfast in bed

To hell with the crumbs! Have breakfast in bed, whenever it suits you. Even with your favorite tea service if you want.

Foam in the bath

Again, it's a matter of being willfully unreasonable. Foam in the bath, it's nice when it overflows! Forget small doses. We put a lot of it, every time. And for the height of the moment of relaxation, I add my favorite personal care products to the ritual.

With that, treat yourself!

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