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Be on his x

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Being on your x, the first time I heard this expression was on the radio. We were in the car, my boyfriend, my son and me. Like every day, we hit 1h30 of traffic to get home.

Maripier Morin said that at this precise moment in his life, everything seemed to be aligned. She was on her x . I immediately liked this expression, I found it inspiring. But thinking about it, I was not there, but not at all.

I was more on the d , like depression . We lived a crazy life. We worked, my boyfriend and I, for a company that was going to close its doors soon. We stayed there because we had made the choice to just have a car and we were a little caught up in that gear.

This meant three hours of transport per day. We arrived at 6:30 p.m. at home, we had supper, gave the little one a bath, the story, the bedtime in disaster and at 8:30 p.m., we too slept to get up at 5 a.m. The weekend, same fight; I did the housework, the groceries, the food for the week. My boyfriend took care of our apartments and the many renovation projects started at home. We were surviving.
So on my x huh? Uh no.

Nevertheless, I had dreams. And that of changing the world, I clung to it. I had already thought about what I could do for three years .

The hypocrisy of people in the face of environmental problems disturbed me, mine too. What depressed me above all was that everything I knew how to do and what I exercised as a profession helped to turn the wheel of overconsumption.

Because yes, I really like the decor. The interior of houses fascinates me. For years, I made it my livelihood as a designer in a renowned furniture store. My role was to create dream layouts to showcase products and drive sales. If you succumbed to the latest trend, I had done my job well. How ironic… Paradoxically, I've always had in me this desire to want to change things, but like everyone else, I expected others to act.

Eventually, the company I worked for shut down permanently and I was left with time. I used this time to question myself. I had long questions, and it was one day, while looking at Pinterest, that I came across articles on #slowmovement and others on #simplicity. Together, these two philosophies described exactly my values ​​and the way I wanted to live.

At that moment, I felt that was it. From now on, I would bet more on small daily gestures and especially on slowing down, consuming less, consuming better.

Because I believe in the value of every little gesture, whether it's favoring local strawberries, buying a few things in bulk, eating less meat, buying second-hand, taking public transport, making your own products, whatever the initiative.

Unfortunately, I can't change everything, so I combined my love of beauty and my desire to do my part, to create a place offering objects that are as beautiful as they are durable for those, like me, who want to do a difference, so that tomorrow's world can be just as great as ours.

And if, fortunately, this initiative can inspire people to do other small gestures, however small, if sharing my experiences and proposing new alternatives can lead other people to slow down, to learn to live the consumer society differently and to reconnect with happiness, then finally I will be able to draw my x.

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