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The art of giving

I love Christmas: the atmosphere, the large tables, the decorations, the traditions and so on. On the other hand, the frenzy of overconsumption that comes with this party does not correspond at all to my taste for simplicity and things that have meaning. So as not to sulk my pleasure, I do things my way. After all, giving and receiving is so beautiful.

Thus, in order to prepare the gifts that I will offer at Christmas, all year long I note in a small notebook what people like, what they need or what they no longer have. If I haven't managed to find the rare pearl when shopping at flea markets, I complete most of my purchases online.

It has become my little tradition: one evening in December, I sit at the kitchen table, cinnamon infusion, star anise and honey in hand and I open my notebook.

I browse the web with the objective of completing my list, with co-responsible options. Because I believe that, if chosen carefully, even the smallest gift can really touch people's hearts.

And for me, this really #slow little ritual gives me so much joy. Basically, it's very simple: little by little, write by hand the wishes of my loved ones in the pages of my notebook. Make thoughtful purchases and, as a bonus, please those around me. Isn't that the very essence of Christmas?

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