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International Delivery - FREE SHIPPING IN CANADA on all purchases of $250 and more
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Me, superhero! How to use his powers?

The most important link is you

Do you sometimes feel that, no matter how many environmentally friendly actions you take, they will never be enough to offset the polluting emissions of industries? That in the business-government-citizen chain, it is the individuals who have the worst game?

I find it so unfortunate that this way of seeing things is so widespread. I agree: individually, we can see each other as a drop in the ocean. And yet… the corporate bosses are none other than us! And the boss of the governments… us again!

So how do we make our voice heard? Because I hear you telling me “the last time I was asked for my opinion was during the last elections…”.

The good news is that power can be exercised at any time, not just when drawing an X on a ballot. Our power is exercised daily, through our consumption choices.

Martin Luther King Jr. once said, “ By the time you finish your breakfast this morning, you will have depended on more than half the world. »

Don't you find that this quote leads us to ask ourselves the real questions: Under what conditions do the people who provide us with our goods, our food, work? Are we paying the right price? What are the environmental impacts of the product I am about to buy?

You will have understood my point: to buy is to vote.

But, there are some for whom it is rather convenient to think that it is up to governments, companies and investors to act in the first place. Transposing the fault of our social problems onto others… it saves them having to look at their navel. It makes them feel guilty about their daily choices (hello, cognitive dissonance!).

We have to take a step back and admit that the responsibility is rather a shared one. The three major players, business-government-citizens, interact and influence each other.

For my part, I am not perfect. And I don't think merchants, products and services have to be perfect either. As long as they are conscientious and bring about positive change, I consider that they open the door for the movement to grow. They open the ball for others to join this philosophy and perfect the ways of doing things.

I also realize the importance of my purchasing power with the Sur mon x store. I choose suppliers with great care, ensuring that they contribute positively to our future.

Basically: let's think about our consumption habits and adapt them to our values. It makes you proud, you'll see. And above all, it's contagious ☺

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