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L'ennéagramme: le test de personnalité le plus cool

The Enneagram: The Coolest Personality Test

Confession: I've always loved personality tests. Yes, yes, you read that right: personality test. But not the tests of the genre, which member of One Direction is your soul mate ? When I heard about this one on Instagram I immediately did some research to find it. And now I'm freaking out!

It's a real test, from Psychologies magazine. And when I say I'm freaking out, I'm talking about the result. I identify with it so much. Don't get me wrong, I normally take the side of the sceptics. But in this case, based on a single question ( what are you running away from most? ), we're served up a pretty baffling profile of truth (in my case, at the very least). A profile that identifies our strengths and limitations.

"According to the enneagram, there are nine types of personalities. To find yours: a single question. The method affirms in fact that our personality is built on a fundamental fear rooted in childhood. An apparent simplicity that conceals reality of many nuances. Each of the profiles of the enneagram coexists in us"

Of course, I am not a professional able to judge the validity of anything. What I can tell you on the other hand is that if the objective was to initiate a certain introspection in me, the bet is successful. By revealing to me aspects that I recognize in my person, it led me to wonder about a certain number of things. And that's never bad, especially at the beginning of the year!

Because asking the right questions, to reframe your life choices and thus gain in well-being, is completely in line with the #slow philosophy. Because sometimes, we can come across THE very simple thing that makes it impossible for us to lead the life we ​​would like, the one that makes us work 50 hours a week, or that we don't experience any general satisfaction, etc.

And finally, we can slowly start a process of change :) :) :)

So, to choose between: failure, invasion, immobility, imperfection, banality, weakness, loneliness, betrayal or conflict...


The tests:

The simplest: What do you run away from the most?

The most complete: Enneagram test

For my part: I avoid banality and I am a 4 (obviously)
Share your results in the comments below 👇🏻

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