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Tea an excuse to stop #slow

Tea… cha in Mandarin, chai in Hindi. It also responds to the scientific name camellia sinensis , when referring to the shrub that produces the aromatic leaves.

We talk a lot about its antioxidant and revitalizing properties. Yes, it's proven, tea is good for your health. But beyond its benefits on our body, I want us to discuss today its soothing effect on the mind.

This effect is explained by the combination of theanine, which is a natural anti-stress, and theine which stimulates the body (without however exciting it). These are the ingredients that provide the famous " relax and revive " state that could be translated as " appeased and energized ". Basically, it helps to say bye bye anxiety and hello concentration.

No wonder then that afternoon tea (as it is celebrated in English) is universally associated with a moment of serenity.

This is true in Morocco, where mint tea is a strong symbol of relaxation and sharing. It constitutes a pretext to stop, well surrounded, and to evacuate the stress. Same thing in India where the chai on waking allows to inaugurate a day gently. In Japan, the tea ceremony is based on four fundamental principles: harmony, respect, purity and... tranquility. It is also no coincidence that Buddhist monks drink it before entering into meditation.

More locally, in my little nest, the simple preparation of this hot drink calls for calm. Choose the perfume. Choose the teapot. Wisely wait for the whistle of the kettle. Smell the good smells of the infusion. Taste in small sips. Daydreaming… This is a well-established ritual with us :)

Psst.. whether you choose it green, black or white, the important thing is to enjoy the moment.


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