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My best tips for regaining your slow

on this long weekend

slow life blog on my x, my tips for finding your slow this long weekend

I love Thanksgiving for several reasons. First, because my party always falls on this beautiful, long weekend. Then, three days off, in autumn, the season of the slowdown, what could be better! I believe that taking this day as a free day and not adding things to do and overbooking as usual is the best thing to find a little balance. Tuesday, we will return to our stupid life, for now we enjoy!

Reconnect with nature.

For my part, I love fall, because this season forces us to anchor ourselves in the present moment. Each day is different in its colors. Its ephemeral side pushes me to look around me and get out of my house more often. During the time when I walk I forget my worries. There is only nature and me, what better way to not secrete cortisol. After a good walk everything is always better!


I am a person with great sensitivity and this means that I can easily get caught up in the whirlwind of life and I only realize it when I am exhausted. The best barometer I've found to tell if I'm okay is if I'm cooking or not. I have noticed that this defines the state of my mental health. So it's the first thing I stop for lack of time and loss of interest. So, to restore my vigor and at this time of the year, I always like to cook and at the same time take advantage of the harvest to stock up on local food. Throughout the year, I try as often as possible to buy food from Quebec, but the price and availability sometimes work against me. So when I can buy so many local products at the same time and stock up, for me it's like Christmas and that fills me with joy.

surround yourself with love

Obviously the people you love are never far away, but taking a little time to really be with them is a different thing and basically, isn't that the main thing? 1 hour of Instagram or 1 hour of games, interaction or whatever with your child, your boyfriend, or friend, … what satisfies us the most in the end. Real contacts, of course, and you can throw the first stone at me, because sometimes I need to be reminded of my own principles! (My boyfriend takes care of it, don't worry.) At home, we're not too big on TV, but once or twice a month we rent a movie (my son, my boyfriend and I) and we glue ourselves to the sofa under blankets, pillows and an essential popcorn . Yes, we are in front of a screen, but there is still a magical aspect to these evenings which bring us a good dose of happiness.

practice contemplation

Contemplation is a capacity that I do not believe is innate, but it can very well be developed. I think observing someone, something, or just life, allows us to completely clear our minds and center ourselves. It is to become aware of what surrounds us and to appreciate it, simply. Of course there are times and places more conducive to this, but I believe that like in Hygge, if we strive to create these sweet moments we can only be happier, find our slow, have gratitude for what we have and in the end be on our x.

slow life blog on my x, my tips for finding your slow this long weekend

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