Put a little slow in your weekend 🌿


On the list of slow things to do, there is obviously cooking. I know, you already cook every day! But here, the idea is to see the act of cooking, not as a constraining moment, but as a creative, fun and even relaxing moment.

By trying new experiences and trying recipes that would make you happy, this moment becomes less of a relay race. I promise you, all it takes is a little planning to make this act enjoyable.

Plus, it's the best way to save money while knowing exactly what's in your food.

Here are my essentials:

  • Have all the necessary ingredients on hand,
  • plan what you do in advance,
  • be curious,
  • be attentive to what you are doing, to the gestures, to the sensations, to the scents..
  • surround yourself with people you love to share,
  • think fresh and local products.
  • take a weekend afternoon to prepare large portions, to ease busy days,
  • then take your time and enjoy.

Have a nice weekend and bon appetit!

Valerie Rondeau
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