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My new success index

slow life blog on my x success

- The barometer of my success -

How do you recognize a successful person? Most will answer instinctively: to his bank account.

However, a vicious circle comes with this general representation of success. Because to access this recognition, some will be tempted to demonstrate that success sticks to their skin. How? Very often, by exhibiting an ostentatious abundance. In other words, by materializing their wealth.

I completely understand this behavior, because we live in a society where the depth of the portfolio is the ultimate unit of measurement to define our individual value. At least, it seems to me a rather well-established social norm...

And be careful, far be it from me to demonize money or point fingers at those who have a lot of it.

That said, I rather want to approach the concept of success as a state of mind. A feeling which, in my case, is based on more human values. In fact, my success makes sense when my X is a harmonious place.

I also have the impression that, quietly, we can make a 180⁰ to the collective perception of "success" by redefining its parameters and giving it a new face.

Let's value new signs of success, more #simple, more #healthy:

- a luminous complexion gained thanks to a balanced lifestyle;
- a "cool" attitude in the face of little hassles beyond his control;
- real relationships at work and elsewhere;
- gestures of kindness done completely free of charge;
- an impeccable word with respect to others;
- an authentic social circle;
or even celebrating the success of others.

And you, what idea do you have of success?

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