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Resolutions and Accomplishments

- Achievements & resolutions -

At the end of the year, it's time to take stock, because it's the end of a cycle and those who practice this simple activity, come out a winner in my opinion. I suggest you all do this very small activity because first of all, it is with a step back and an outside look at our life that we can analyze it and finally, improve it. Two, it's a slow moment that you can treat yourself to just for yourself, to write, think, contemplate, reinvent... accompanied by a tea or coffee, in a dressing gown, it's even better!

For my part, I started to take stock of what 2017 brought me. What I remember the most is that there were some very nice things, including a brand new baby, the very one I had been waiting for 3 years already; it was when I gave it up that he finally showed up and when I see that my oldest is already 4 years old, I take advantage of every millisecond in the company of my still so small baby.

Then, I realized a dream that I had cherished for a long time, that of living more slowly, and this by offering people the possibility of fighting against the general acceleration by taking the time to live and consuming differently.

On the other hand, there have also been downsides; I experienced a lot of stress and anxiety, and this in relation, among other things, to the creation of Sur mon x and the arrival of the little baby, because not everything is rosy all the time! I therefore wish for the coming year to take even more time for myself and my family, more sweetness and learn to trust life even more, because of all the fears that have prevented me from sleeping in 2017, none came true.

If you don't know where to start, here are some tips that could guide you.

  • What made me the happiest
  • What made me most anxious
  • what i missed
  • What I want to start over


  • A bad habit that I would like to break
  • A person I would like to spend more time with
  • A new thing that I would like to learn
  • A point to improve


If you haven't already, give it a try, I promise, it's good for the soul to chase away what hasn't been good and glorify what has been.


I wish you

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