You have to tell them how nice it is to slow down

Have you heard the song "Monday" by Alexandre Poulin ? The first time it reached my ears, I had a lump in my throat. Then, same reaction during the second and third listening... That was it. He had put his finger on it. It's as if he was telling my story, that of Sur mon x and probably the one we all dream of.

This song made me crazy. And if it inspired you in turn?
Here is a small excerpt:

Spring stretches out its arms, then we open the shop,
All our friends are there, it makes the moment magical.
I can't promise you that this will all work out,
But we are not made to live constantly out of breath.

It's over the little hurried steps,

you have to tell them how nice it is to slow down...

And for those who don't remember, I told here , six months ago, what motivated the creation of Sur mon x . You will see great similarities with the text of Alexandre Poulin.

Come on, it's your turn to let yourself be lulled by his words, his music, his sweetness. #slowtoute

Good week!
Valerie Rondeau
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